Our staff are part of a cohesive team working closely together to develop dynamic, educational, and fun programs for starseed souls. Working with nursery through high school ages, we foster cross age teaching and live the African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child.”

Our programs are very student centered and it is important to us that they grow to be well-rounded learners in all the basics, as well as having the opportunity to explore areas of independent studies of their choice. We value the arts and students are involved in music, theater, and dance programs.

Living in community, there are many opportunities for students to mentor under a wide range of skilled and talented people in areas from graphic arts, to culinary arts, to auto shop, to architectural design, to agriculture, to electrical wiring, and many more.

All of our staff are missionaries and feel called to be a part of our schools where we strive to live the change that we want to see in the world through spiritual intelligence, and create a future for the planet by educating conscious souls with the goal to become lifelong learners and servants of all humanity.

  • Niánn Emerson Chase

    Founder, Executive Director

    Arizona State University, BA — English and Psychology; Graduate studies in adult, secondary, and elementary education

    Niánn has more than forty years of teaching, counseling, and administration experience: 20 years teaching experience at elementary and secondary public school, Montessori, and community college levels; 23 years’ experience directing, writing curriculum, and instructing in private education for elementary, secondary, and adult ages. A published author of books and articles, Niánn is a life-long educator who, after obtaining her teaching certification, returned to her home on the San Carlos Apache Reservation, teaching there for fifteen years. Since her early childhood, with an explorer’s nature inherent in her ancestors Meriwether Lewis and Ralph Waldo Emerson, she has had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and the character of one who truly loves discovery and the adventure of life.

  • Dr. Minister Len’Mana Lee

    Curriculum Coordinator; Teacher Trainer

    University of Houston, Ed.D. — Curriculum and Instructional Design

    University of Michigan, M.A. — Special Education

    Valparaiso University, B.S. — Elementary Education

    Len’Mana has over forty years in education with experience in coordinating educational programs and designing curriculum. These years include her experience as Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Education at Pacific Lutheran University and Western Oregon State University and, most recently, more than 25 years coordinating programs and working with curriculum design for GCCS Schools. Len’Mana designs and presents workshops for the continuing education for our school staff and parenting teams. She is also a teacher of visual arts, language arts, social sciences, math, cultural and research studies, children’s literature, and spiritual studies.

    Len’Mana has more than ten years of counseling and advising with additional experience in business, art, music, and writing. She is a published author of professional literature in her field.

    Len’Mana is an ordained minister, a teacher in the University of Ascension Science and the Physics of Rebellion, an accomplished artist, and flute player.

  • Minister AvaJaCyone DellErba

    Administrative Coordinator

    Early Childhood Education Program

    AvaJaCyone has studied a variety of educational theories, and shares a holistic and positive approach to working with children. She brings her college education in psychology, health science, and human development, along with her experience as a mother of four, into our educational programs. AvaJaCyone has an intuitive gift for working with young ages and brings a stabilizing presence to their daily routines. She has training in special education and working as a teaching assistant for various ages.

    AvaJaCyone brings a wealth of management experience to our school team and is a natural unifier of teachers and students. She is a counselor for the older students, and works closely with the home teams to ensure stability and consistency in the early childhood programs.

    AvaJaCyone is an ordained minister, a teacher in the University of Ascension Science and the Physics of Rebellion, a counselor, and a Global Change Musician singer/songwriter.

  • Minister O’Breean Mikael

    Administrative Coordinator, Children’s Programs

    University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, BA. Hons — English and Drama

    Trinity College of Music, London, Associate (ATCL) — Speech and Drama

    O’Breean is a native of New Zealand who found her destiny in the GCCS Schools half the world away. She has been with the team for more than 25 years, and learned so much herself teaching, coordinating, and administrating children’s programs. O’Breean loves to work with children of all ages, and currently teaches elementary through secondary students in language arts, literature, math, social science, spiritual studies, and performing arts, as well as creating curriculum for other classes. She presents workshops to teachers and parents.

    O’Breean has a passion for education and enjoys the journey that unfolds in the classroom with the students when you get in the learning zone together. O’Breean has studied a wide range of behavior philosophies and works with individual behavior programs to support and foster a child to meet their highest growth potential. She counsels students and strives to foster teamwork and cooperation as a part of their daily routine.

    O’Breean is an ordained minister, a teacher in the University of Ascension Science and the Physics of Rebellion, and an actor, director, and playwright with the Global Change Theater Company. She is also a mother of three children who were her personal trainers in becoming a teacher.

  • VesBein Raymond

    Administrative Coordinator, Secondary Program

    VesBein first came to Arizona from Hawaii in 1996 with a background as a lifeguard and live-in nanny. VesBein has gained more than twenty years of training and experience in the GCCS Schools, and has skills and talents in the culinary, musical, language, and visual arts, that she loves being able to turn around and give away as a teacher.

    VesBein incorporates various teaching modalities with the understanding of soul age, destiny purpose, and development of virtue. As a part of a school coordinator team, she facilitates group class and independent study programs for both high school and younger students. She has found a sense of calling in working with children of all ages to discover and develop their interests, skills, and talents for the good of others and in service to humanity.

    VesBein is a missionary, Global Change Musician in the Starseed Acoustic Ensemble, a talented visual artist, an actress, and a mother of four.

  • Catahalas Viviano de Oliveira

    Administrative Coordinator, Early Childhood Education Program

    Colby College, Maine, B.A. — Education and Anthropology, with a focus in Human Development.

    Catahalas was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She graduated high school from United World Colleges in Costa Rica, with training in youth leadership, sustainability, and peace and conflicts.

    She joined GCCS Schools in 2016 as a missionary and teacher. She currently teaches early childhood and elementary students in a variety of subjects including language arts, literature, math, physical education, science, spiritual studies, yoga, dance, and Spanish. She is a dance and yoga teacher to junior high and secondary school students.

    Catahalas has participated in worldwide leadership training to the youth, such as Global Clinton Initiative, and Religions for Peace; she is a keen learner and researcher in holistic approaches to child development.

    She has volunteered in several schools in Central and South America, teaching math, dance, and yoga to impoverished communities.

    Catahalas is a missionary, a former gymnast, contemporary trained dancer, and yoga instructor who loves to integrate movement while teaching academics. She loves languages and world cultures, and is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French, with skills in Hebrew. She also serves as an interpreter for Global Community Communications Alliance.

  • PiSeen Francis


    Colby College, Maine, B.A. — Education and Anthropology, with a focus in Human Development.

    University of Michigan – completed Bachelor studies at Dearborn Environmental Studies Naturalist and Urban Service Programs and was the Fellow at the U of M Environmental Interpretive Center, and President of the UMD Student Environmental Club.

    PiSeen has been a teacher in GCCS Schools for more than ten years working with early childhood through elementary levels in all subjects. PiSeen has been trained in dance class for early childhood under Minister Clistine Moira Morningstar, author of Growing With Dance: Developing through Dance from Ages 2 to 6.

    PiSeen has a passion to create learning resources that captivate and challenge growing minds and is wonderful with creative play activities in all subjects.

    PiSeen brings her love of nature and gardening to the children’s programs. She mentors interested students in garden projects and seed saving, and has helped to create initiatives and programs for children from local schools to experience outdoor education at Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage.

    PiSeen is a full time missionary, a Global Change Musician in the Change Agents Band, and mother of a delightful toddler.