Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Administrative Board


  • Niánn Emerson Chase

    Founder, Executive Director

    Arizona State University, BA — English and Psychology; Graduate studies in adult, secondary, and elementary education

    Niánn has more than forty years of teaching, counseling, and administration experience: 20 years teaching experience at elementary and secondary public school, Montessori, and community college levels; 23 years’ experience directing, writing curriculum, and instructing in private education for elementary, secondary, and adult ages. A published author of books and articles, Niánn is a life-long educator who, after obtaining her teaching certification, returned to her home on the San Carlos Apache Reservation, teaching there for fifteen years. Since her early childhood, with an explorer’s nature inherent in her ancestors Meriwether Lewis and Ralph Waldo Emerson, she has had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and the character of one who truly loves discovery and the adventure of life.

  • Len'Mana Lee, Ed.D.

    Curriculum Coordinator, Teacher Trainer

    University of Houston, Ed.D. — Curriculum and Instructional Design
    University of Michigan, MA — Special Education
    Valparaiso University, B.S. — Elementary Education


    Len’Mana has forty years experience coordinating educational programs and curriculum design for Global Community Communications Starseed Schools for Teens & Children, as well as an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Education at Pacific Lutheran University and Western Oregon State University, and as a teacher of visual arts, language arts, social sciences, cultural and research studies, and children’s literature. She has more than ten years of counseling and advising; experience in business, art, music, and writing; and is a published author of professional literature in her field.


  • Marayeh Cunningham, Ph.D.

    Counselor, Administrator

    University of Texas, Ph.D. — Psychology

    Who's Who of American Women

    Executive Director of Soulistic Medical Institute; she is a psychologist experienced as a Medical Staff Coordinator and Counselor with more than forty years’ experience in individual and group psychotherapy, psycho diagnostic testing, and supervision and coordination of professional staff.


  • O'Breean Lawrence

    Language Arts & Theater Instruction

    University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, B.A. — English and Drama

    Trinity College of Music, London — Associate Teaching Diploma

    Head Coordinator for Pre-school, Elementary, and Secondary educational programs with over fifteen years’ experience in private school and home schooling cooperative; teacher of performing arts for children and teen productions, language arts, math, and science.

  • Niceen Nelson

    Math Instruction

    North Dakota State University, BS — Chemistry

    NiCieen has over twenty years’ experience in elementary and high school mathematics, has a wonderful sense of humor, and is skilled at developing children’s sense of awe and delight in the disciplines of math and sciences.


  • Chazen White

    Science, Advanced Mathematics, & Music Instruction

    University of California, Santa Cruz BA — Biology

    He also attended Columbia Junior College in Columbia, California prior to his work at UC. He worked eleven years as a financial consultant and pioneered a company called Vitalize Sleep Center. Sharu's passion is in music and helping students to understand basic theory principles in practical application with wind instruments, but also enjoys inspiring students in the spirit of the entrepreneur.


Academics, Athletics, Arts and Extracurricular Teachers and Staff: Early Childhood Programs through High School

  • Blue Evening Star Vasvary

    Elementary and Secondary School programs

    Blue Evening Star has taught cultural studies, social sciences, music classes and coordinated outings and field trips for elementary level. She has over thirty years’ experience teaching pre-school to adult; she is a third-degree Reiki practitioner and teacher. She founded Living Shelter Crafts and is an internationally known designer and builder of tipis and yurts, and a published author.


  • piseen

    PiSeen Meyer

    Preschool Porgrams

    Henry Ford Community College and University of Michigan Dearborn campus

    PiSeen teaches Preschool in the areas of life science, music, language arts, and cross age math and has five years experience teaching Elementary level language arts and Bioregional Activism. She is on the Avalon Organic Gardens staff for gardening mentorship training including seed saving, harvesting, and the Community Supported Agriculture program. Attending Henry Ford Community College and University of Michigan Dearborn campus she took courses in environmental studies, environmental education, and interpretive studies gaining six years’ urban service experience. PiSeen is also an asipiring singer song-writer and enjoys inspiring the children artistically as well.


  • vesbein

    VesBein Lilly-Raymond

    Kindergarten/Preschool programs

    University of Hawaii

    Teacher of art, science, and social sciences. She studied at the University of Hawaii and has over ten years’ experience as a live-in nanny, as well has experience in gardening and food management. VesBein is also a vocalist and musician and loves working with the children to improve their artistic abilities.


  • Anyan Helminiak

    Culinary Arts

    Contra Cost College

    Anyan has over eighteen years’ experience in the culinary arts at various hotel restaurants, bakeries, and community kitchens. He has other experience in tree trimming, landscaping, wood turning, house painting, and carpentry.


  • auneea

    Auneea White

    Visual Arts

    Otago University, New Zealand

    Auneea is an artist, sculptor and certified nurses’ assistant. She studied Biology, Food Science, and Health Science at Otago University, New Zealand. She received a one-year Certificate in Horticulture studies; and a Diploma of Interior Decorating.


  • bendameean

    DaMaeAn Steinhardt

    Physical Education Program Coordinator

    Duke University, B.A. — English

    Coordinator of Physical Education and experienced teacher of music as trumpet instructor. He has had extensive experience in athletics, coaching in children’s sports camps and high school baseball, and general physical fitness.


  • menelik

    Menelik Hume

    Visual Arts

    Anoka Technical College and Luverne Vocational Technical Institute

    Menelik works in Earth Harmony Builders which requires fine detail in construction and painting. He founded and directed “Silent Artists” working with adults and children for three years and was a designer of communities for artists and spirituality in both France and the U.S. Menelik also studied Business Management, Architecture, and Building Construction at Anoka Technical College and Luverne Vocational Technical Institute while managing his own studio working with clay, paints, and wood for over twenty years.


  • varnanae

    VarNaNae Wingfield

    Horsemanship & Equestrian Training

    University of New Hampshire

    VarNaNae did university studies in animal training and management at the University of New Hampshire in Manchester, New Hampshire. She trained in the U.S. military in naval aviation as an aviation electronic technician fixing radar equipment for five years. She worked for Winehardt Trained Animals, a private company, training tigers and lions for movies and commercials. She is an equestrian and horse trainer for over twenty years. She worked at the L.A. Zoo in California and Benson Wild Animal Park in Manchester, New Hampshire. VarNaNae is also developing her skills as an artist and musician.


Mentorship Program Staff

  • dalina

    Dalina Gracia

    Herbology & Sustainable Agriculture Programs

    University of Sonora, Mexico, B.A.—Agricultural Engineering

    Hands-on mentorship training in herbology and work-study programs, specializing in organic gardening, and sustainable agriculture. She also teaches and is an artist in jewelry-making, sewing, and leather crafts.


Medical Staff

  • aladi

    Aládi Goodman, RN, CHPN

    Christchurch Polytechnic, New Zealand

    Coordinator and Nurse for Hospice and the Soulistic Medical Institute; she received her nursing diploma from Christchurch Polytechnic, New Zealand. She has fifteen years’ experience in New Zealand, New York, Texas, and Arizona and is a third-degree Reiki practitioner. She is a singer, musician, and songwriter.