Admissions and Enrollment

Global Schools for Starseed and Urantian Children and Teens is a private parochial school/homeschooling cooperative. All schooling is on site and is a collaborative effort of administrative staff, teachers, and parents. It is an alternative to traditional schooling, and strives to exceed the benefits therein. Our campus is a combination of ranch, progressive eco-village, organic gardens, and alternative building site. The intention of our school is to educate students in a much broader and more expansive manner than the standard school; to really benefit the person as a whole with a much more rich and fulfilling educational experience that will always be treasured and valued when remembered.

Due to the unique circumstance of our campus, and our mission as a school, the admissions process' for students are dependent upon the needs and intentions of interested parties, and will vary accordingly. Our office is available for consultation to discuss available options for enrollment; please give our office a call at (520) 603-9932 or contact us via email by clicking here